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Submitted by: William I. Neil

Aluminum window replacement is usually a necessity in old houses which most of the time have aluminum windows that have single panes. A window that has only a single pane of glass is usually less efficient in energy, especially in heating and cooling, when compared to windows with more panes. When a homeowner has only one aluminum window, then it can be replaced via a DIY project, if the homeowner has the patience and gusto to undertake such project. Otherwise, if the whole house is equipped with this type of windows, perhaps a professional should do aluminum window replacement or better yet, the homeowner should at least get an estimate of how much the replacements will cost.

Aluminum window replacement is something that would require a pulse and dedication in DIY (should the homeowner choose to do it by himself or herself), because this is one project that if not done properly, will really make a house look unkempt and lousy. It is also one project that cannot be left halfway, as this is after all, a window. Most people who attempt DIY projects may suddenly lose interest or funds in the process of doing it. This can be very dangerous since a window that is half done can attract insects, rodents and yes, even criminal elements that can easily break into a house by entering the unfinished windows.

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When starting this project, the homeowner should fist do a bit of research with local stores and ask for inputs on what kind of windows treatment can best replace the current widows that he or she has. He or she should be particularly interested on which windows designs would be more efficient in energy. Once the information gathering is done, the actual aluminum window replacement may begin with the homeowner measuring the old windows with a tape measure. No guesswork is allowed as the replacement windows should fit the hole that the old windows exist. Otherwise, the replacement window can be easily damaged. Next, the old window should be taken out. This can only be done by actually studying how it was installed in the first place. Unscrew what need to be unscrewed, and in the case of any bolts and studs, they may need to be cut or sawed. The space that the old window will vacate should be clean, free of any loose screws, nails jutting out and other debris.

The new window should then be installed, keeping the new window inside the wall s open space. Studs should be placed to secure the new window, with at least three screws to be put on each of the windows sides. The sides of the window should then be filled with drywall and insulation. Both inside and outside of the window s edges should be applied with sealant, for leaks to be avoided. Allow everything to dry and settle first before using (closing or opening) the window. Alas, aluminum window replacement is something that should be done precisely. The end product of this project should be a window that is energy efficient, good looking and durable.

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